eCabinet Systems Software

The eCabinet Systems software is the backbone of the eCabinet Systems program. The software is provided free to professional woodworkers, custom cabinet and custom furniture manufacturers.

Just because it is not sold for a high price, like traditional software, don’t underestimate its power. eCabinet Systems software is an extensive package that many feel is the best in the industry. It addresses the very core of the professional wood shop offering capability and flexibility that supports major functions and brings an increased level of competitiveness. Here are some of the areas that the software currently addresses.




eCabinet Systems includes a powerful design engine, perhaps the most capable in the industry. It uses advanced graphics with the ability to rotate, explode and zoom, allowing you to easily analyze and refine your design. You can create everything from individual parts to complex assemblies using a variety of joinery. Unlike simple library software, you have complete control of every aspect of the design. It supports a variety of doors and drawer fronts in virtually any material and finish. It supports the use of moldings and carvings. It uses three-dimensional models of hardware and allows the import and texturing of objects to enrich and enhance your design.

The eCabinet Systems program also supports a program where experienced users offer libraries of cabinet and furniture designs to other Members. This allows Members to avoid the entire design effort by simply purchasing a library. It also provides a method where experienced Members can profit from their experience and creativity.


eCabinet Systems also includes a Professional Furniture Design program where world renowned furniture designers offer more elaborate furniture designs to Members. These designs are in the form of eCabinet Systems files and can be loaded into the software and modified if necessary. Design elements can be incorporated into other cabinets and furniture offering incredible flexibility. The professional designs incorporate special moldings and carvings and CNC programs exist to produce each of these parts. These CNC programs run on Thermwood CNC routers and can be rented. The rental fees pay the designers.

With all these elements, you can see that eCabinet Systems offers design capability beyond anything else available today.



Designed by eCab Member Kerry Fullington -

This is an area of the software where you design individual rooms, groups of rooms or entire homes and then install the cabinet and furniture designs you created. Thousands of wall paper patterns and millions of wall colors are available. You can create even more realistic layouts using digital images of actual walls and floors. Import objects, furniture, paintings and rugs.

Designed by eCab Member Kerry Fullington -

Scenes viewed through open doors and windows can be actual digital images. Then, arrange lighting and create photorealistic views of the layout in minutes including reflections and shadows. What a great selling tool!





As you develop each job the software continuously tracks job costs. Set it up to reflect the way your shop works and it automatically estimates the material, labor and overhead cost for each job. It even estimates the number of labor hours you will need in each of the categories you establish. At any time you can generate a “Cost Sheet” that details the cost and selling price of an individual cabinet, a grouping of cabinets or an entire layout. Also, the costs used for pulls, hinges, slides and other hardware are the actual costs at which you can buy those products through the program. You can’t get much more accurate than that.



Great photorealistic views from custom layouts are a great selling tool, but that is just the beginning. The software includes a proposal writer, the ability to create dimensioned line drawings when working with builders and architects, the ability to quickly and easily change doors, drawers, hardware, finishes and colors to address your customer’s changing tastes and the ability to instantly know the price impact of requested changes. In short, the software gives you the tools that make the selling process more refined, more professional and inspire confidence. The software helps you sell.



The software offers complete manufacturing support, whether you use traditional production methods or a modern CNC router. You can generate a Cut List, Buy List and Cost Sheet for any cabinet, group of cabinets or the entire job. You can nest the job and print individual nest diagrams, individual part drawings and labels for each part. You can rename parts to make identification easier. You can create line drawings, assembly drawings, even exploded, dimensioned isometric drawings. And finally, you can create a CNC output file that can be sent directly to a Thermwood CNC router, either yours or one of the many Members that will machine your parts for you.



The software generates a CNC output file that can be sent to any Thermwood CNC router. Here, you can:


  1. cut out cabinet and furniture boxes including joinery and hardware holes,
  2. cut out drawer boxes in a nest including a special dovetail joint that can be machined in the nest,
  3. machine MDF doors including the ability to model profile and raise shapes using standard tooling instead of requiring expensive custom tools,
  4. machine all the components for solid wood raised panel doors,
  5. machine, in the nest, face frame components including a special “puzzle joint” that allows fast accurate assembly without clamps or screws,
  6. model custom profiles for moldings and edges, and
  7. reproduce intricate carvings by simply renting the CNC carving program.

Ultimately, this is the most efficient way to build custom cabinets and furniture and today, through the technology of eCabinet Systems, it is both practical and profitable.