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eCabinet Systems is a program established for professional custom cabinet makers and custom cabinet manufacturing companies. It unites tens of thousands of businesses into a worldwide cooperative, offering each the resources and collaboration advantages of a much larger organization. The program is hosted and managed by Thermwood, a company active in various aspects of woodworking for forty years, along with technology partners that extend and expand the program’s value. Membership in the program is open to professional cabinet makers and manufacturing companies at no cost.

eCabinet Systems Software Benefits

A significant benefit to membership is free access to eCabinet Systems software. This is one of the most capable, flexible and powerful cabinet design software packages available (See Software Details).

Another advantage is participation in the eCabinet Systems Forum where Members exchange ideas, help each other and help direct ongoing development of the core software.

Yet another benefit is free access to shared libraries. These free libraries include an extensive selection of cabinets, vanities, closet systems, traditional and contemporary furniture that can all be used as is or modified as needed. Other shared resources include carvings and carving programs, three-dimensional display items, textures, and a variety of tools used in the software. Members are encouraged to use the available resources and in turn share their designs and design tools with others.

Another valuable benefit is free access to a Production Sharing Program. Here Members without CNC connect with other Members that have excess CNC production capacity to have their eCabinet Systems jobs machined.

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